I’m Matt, a product design leader focused on helping users and organizations thrive.

I’ve spent the majority of the past decade at the Minerva Project helping product and academic teams create a new type of university for the 21st century from scratch. I’ve done this by analyzing needs, understanding workflows, and designing experiences that simplify curriculum design, amplify teaching and enhance student learning. All while working remotely.

As a result of this effort, I’ve picked up several patents and helped write a book on this unique experience of redesigning higher education.

Selected Work

Forum Classroom

A synchronous, custom classroom designed from scratch to support active learning.

Assessment Tools

Innovative tools to foster rapid, detailed feedback to enhance knowledge retention and transfer.

Course Builder

A syllabus development tool to collaboratively design active, engaging classroom experiences.


Email: mattregan@gmail.com
Twitter: @mattraygun
LinkedIn: /reganmatt
Instagram: @mattraygun

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